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Benefits of Functional Exercise

Functional fitness It’s Fitness Wisdom Wednesday!

Today, I want to explore the topic of “functional fitness” since many people have questions about what it is, what it can do for their body and how it is different from weight training?

Functional exercise prepares you for the day-to-day challenges of living an active life, whether it’s lifting a bag of groceries, standing up from a chair or maintaining proper posture. It also lays a foundation for sport specific training.

Weight training on single station machines isolates muscle groups and involves an artificial range of joint motion. Functional exercise recruits multiple muscle groups at once, working through a range of motion that mimics or replicates the normal motions of the body. Single station machines are useful for strengthening a single muscle group at a time, but are not as effective at preparing the muscles for performance. Functional exercises not only strengthen single muscle groups, but also train multiple muscle groups to improve performance—all in the same exercise!

Conveniently, many of you have an all-in-one functional training tool at home … your Total Gym! Check out more frequently asked questions about exercising on Total Gym here.

Fitness professionals click here for a great article from IDEA about “Functional Exercise Progression.”

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