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Fitness Wisdom Wednesday: Eric Isaacson’s Total Gym Tennis Workout

Here’s a special guest post from Eric Isaacson, collegiate tennis player and son of Dan Isaacson, personal trainer to Hollywood A-listers and president of Sports Management International, Inc.

I started working out on the Total Gym at age 13 and I am 23 years old now and still use it. Total Gym has truly changed my life! I started playing tennis at age 13 and my dad put me on a training program that consisted of high repetitions with light weight for building lean muscle mass and endurance. I have been on that training program ever since and it has allowed me to make the varsity tennis team at Notre Dame High School my freshman year and go on to get recruited by Azusa Pacific University to play collegiate tennis.

What I love about the Total Gym is that it is convenient and easy to use. My family has had a Total Gym for ten years now and it is so much easier for me to work out at home as opposed to going to the gym. Total Gym is a piece of equipment that has allowed me to work out injury free because it does not pull or strain my muscles like regular free weights or even ordinary gym equipment. I have been able to work out smarter on Total Gym. What I mean by this is that I am able to work out for just 30 minutes every other day while still training hard for tennis. With Total Gym, you don’t need to work out for hours like you would at the gym. With simple, easy-to-do exercises, you can start to see the results very quickly. I have been able to work out effectively and efficiently on Total Gym and that is what I love so much about it. I am exhausted after playing tennis on my work out days but with just 30 minutes on the Total Gym, I have completed a workout that would have taken me an hour at the gym.

Watch this video to see the 5 Total Gym exercises that have helped me build lean muscle mass and improve my tennis game.

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