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Fitness Wisdom Wednesday: Increase Lower Body Strength & Flexibility

Hi! I’m Lee Stover, a GRAVITY personal trainer and ballroom dancing fitness expert with Performance Enhancement Institute located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In today’s video, I demonstrate 3 exercises on my Total Gym GTS that I use in my weekly workout regimen to increase my lower body strength and flexibility. The beauty of Total Gym is it allows you to stretch and strengthen muscles at the same time!

These 3 exercises are PLYO-SQUAT variations. To execute the first exercise, you will need to bring your knees to your chest during your jump. The second requires you to bring your chest and arms between your legs as you jump. You can also tap your heels together. The last exercise includes a split jump during the jumping motion.

These exercises improve the spring in your legs which is great for dancing swing, jive or samba. These exercises are not limited to ballroom dancers. Athletes competing in sports that require elevation such as football, basketball or soccer will also benefit from these Total Gym-inspired exercises.

Note: Do not try these exercises until you are comfortable performing basic squat jumps on Total Gym.

Keep dancing, tackling, shooting, kicking or whatever activity you enjoy!

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