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Ask Dr. Salada – Is it safe to work out when I’m sick?

We are pleased to introduce our newest contributor, Dr. Elizabeth Salada. Each month, Dr. Salada will answer your medical questions and offer her advice for living a healthier and fitter life. Read her answer to a subscriber’s question about working out when sick.

Question: How sick is too sick to work out? Will working out help me get better faster or will it prolong my illness?

Answer: When you are ill, it’s best to listen to your body when it comes to working out. If you have a fever, body aches, have been vomiting or have had a significant diarrheal illness, you really should rest and stay well hydrated. Short walks are OK but anything that elevates your heart rate for longer than a few minutes is not a good idea. Over stressing your body when it is trying to fight an illness will just prolong your recovery. It’s best to wait until your energy level has recovered completely before returning to exercise, especially aerobic activity as that can be dangerous for your heart. Always check with your doctor if you have had an unusual illness or are unsure about when to resume your workouts. Stay well and you will be able to continue working out to your heart’s content. Until next time!

Elizabeth Salada, MD

Have a medical question for Dr. Salada? Leave a comment below or email us at You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Dr. Salada is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been in practice in San Diego since 1996. She attended medical school at Wake Forest University where she received high honors in Family Practice and Internal Medicine. Her final training was obtained from Pennsylvania State University where she completed her residency in Internal Medicine.

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