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Total Gym Weekly Workout: New Abdominal Exercises

We often get requests for Total Gym abdominal workouts, so we recruited recognized GRAVITY Master Trainer Michael Steel to create a challenging new ab routine!

Michael takes ab training up a notch with the SCRUNCH Accessory for Total Gym Sport, GTS and PowerTower commercial models – or you can use the Ab Crunch Accessory for the Total Gym XLS.  These exercises target the internal and external obliques, transverse abdominis (which helps stabilize the trunk) and the rectus abdominis (or the “six pack”).

Click here to watch the video on our YouTube Channel and find other great Total Gym workouts!

Total Gym Ab Exercise Routine:

*These exercises require the Total Gym SCRUNCH or Ab Crunch. Intensify your Total Gym training with these popular ab accessories!

Ab Crunch with SCRUNCH (8-10 reps)

Ab Crunch with SCRUNCH – Knees off the board (8-10 reps)

Ab Crunch with SCRUNCH – Pike (8-10 reps)

Ab Crunch with SCRUNCH – Obliques (8-10 reps). Switch sides. Advanced users can intensify the exercise by lifting their knees to complete 8-10 reps.


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