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An Olympian’s Journey to the 2012 Summer Games with Total Gym


Two-time Olympic triple jumper Kenta Bell is a celebrated U.S. Track and Field athlete, who is preparing for his third Olympic games in London next July!

… and he’s planning to get there with the help of Total Gym!

As the 2010 U.S. Champion and member of the 2004 and 2008 Olympic teams, Kenta tells Total Gym Inside, “I couldn’t see myself effectively [making it to the trials] without a Total Gym. There are certain things in my training that I just can’t accomplish without a Total Gym. I’ve tried using bands and other gadgets, but they just aren’t as effective.”

Total Gym supports Kenta’s journey to the 2012 Olympic Team Trials next summer. Watch this video of Kenta Bell doing a 17-meter jump at the Olympic trials in 2008!

Each month, Total Gym Inside will check in with Kenta to see where he’s at in his Olympic training and get the acclaimed athlete’s Total Gym workout tips.

Here’s an update on Kenta’s training from the man himself!

Lately, I have been working intensely at increasing my overall strength and work capacity. This phase of training is typically called “Max Strength.” On the track, I’ve been heavy into doing hill runs along with lots of weighted ball tosses, barefoot jumping drills and running in the sand. I’m now going into a phase of power training, where I’m working at becoming more “ballistic” and improving my movement and coordination. This training helps me explosively change directions at a high rate of speed, reducing ground contact time while creating higher force velocity.  Ideally, it’s all about creating elastic strength – or longer, lean muscles. On the Total Gym, it means creating more explosive plyometric movement, often incorporating the use of bands and tubing where rebounding and quick change of direction are of the highest importance. I use my Total Gym GTS to do single leg explosive squat presses, dynamic calf push offs and high inclined squats with elastic tubing to create more tension and create more fast twitch muscle fiber activation. This phase of my training is typically much more fun and exciting than the previous phases. It’s all about consistency and progression!!! Knowing where you are going next.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on Kenta Bell’s “Journey to the Olympics!”

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