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Prevent Fitness Plateaus with Total Gym Training DVDs

At some point, everyone reaches a fitness plateau. It’s perfectly natural. Your body gets used to doing the same workout routine day in and day out. The secret to breaking through a plateau is to change how you perform your workout by adding new variables like increasing weight load, changing the duration of your workouts or trying new training techniques (e.g., high intensity interval training).

Add diversity to your Total Gym routine with GRAVITY Training DVDs. Led by GRAVITY Master Trainers, the DVDs are designed to challenge the body in new and fun ways.

Trainers – Total Gym DVDs offer dynamic exercise alternatives to keep GRAVITY sessions fresh and participants coming back!

Check out these popular DVDs and click here to explore the entire DVD library:

GRAVITY :: Core Centric (NEW) Join recognized fitness presenter Rob Glick for GRAVITY :: Core Centric — Total Gym training for the all-important core! Develop a “Foundation,” get “Defined” and go “Extreme” with three Core Centric workouts that deliver dynamic functional training straight to the midsection to fortify core muscles, reduce back pain and build solid, lean abs at any fitness level.

GRAVITY :: Totally Hot Award-winning international presenter Helen Vanderburg throws out a high-energy total-body sculpting workout. This fun cardio-resistance program drives participants through high-rep exercises with minimal recovery to get fat-burning results! A “Hot” series of challenging, quick tempo exercises focuses on every muscle group while working in multiple planes of motion with little to no rest for a fast-track to improved strength, endurance, speed and muscle definition. Take hot up a notch.

More tips for plateau prevention:

Maintain a regular workout routine & healthy diet (think about calories in vs. calories out).

Check out the newest Total Gym models Sport, GTS and PowerTower, with more incline levels and advanced features to progress Total Gym training.

Get exclusive Trainer Tips to modify and/or challenge Total Gym DVD workouts at It’s FREE to become a member. Just create your log in and click on “All Programming and Online Extras” to find Trainer Tips for most GRAVITY DVDs.

Happy training!
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