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Testimonies to Total Gym Success … and Scaling Fences?

We get so many wonderful and encouraging testimonials on this blog and our Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Here are a few testimonials that caught our attention on Facebook:

“I’ve been using a Total Gym for a little over two months now. A couple of days ago, I jumped straight up and over a three foot chain link fence and crawled across loose firewood, then jumped down from a five foot chain link fence to rescue a cat from a dog pack. Never could have done that two months ago. I was way too out of shape and weak. I’m 53 years old, BTW. Thirty minutes of squats a day on a Total Gym really built up my thigh and calf muscles and pulling and rowing exercises built up biceps and back muscles that I used to lower myself to the ground in a controlled jump over the taller fence. Thank you, Total Gym, for such an easy to use method to get back into shape. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of great shape I’ll be in a year from now using my Total Gym.” ~ Charlotte

“This is starting week 3 of my Total Gym…I started at level 2, 12 reps and I am now level 3 and 20 reps of the starter program..while I realize this is only the beginning…just these past couple of weeks have left me feeling stronger, more energized…and I am so in love with my Total Gym. Thank you so much.” ~ Joanna

“OK I am going to sound like an advertisement for a moment. The Total Gym XLS is no joke. Make fun of Chuck Norris and Wesley Snipes if you will, I use it and love it. As of right now I have lost 22 pounds and my body fat is at 17.8%. I am seeing muscles I haven’t seen in 25 years. All I have to say is the Total Gym Rocks! (Disclaimer) This is not a paid advertisement for the Total Gym but just a user that is super happy with it.” ~ Don

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