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Total Gym Weekly Workout: Hammer the Hamstrings

Total Gym Inside blogger and “Fytness Fanatik” Amanda Lynn Mayhew shares her “Hammer the Hamstrings” workout to strengthen and tone the back of the legs, increase muscle definition, boost power and reduce the chances of injury.

Add new challenge to your leg routine with the Total Gym Leg Pulley System to trim and tone while increasing flexibility!

Click the image to watch the workout or play the video below:


Perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps of the following exercises:

* Hamstring Curls

* Hamstring Curls with Crunch

* Single Leg Hamstring Curls

* Attach Leg Pulley System – Single Leg Hamstring Curls.  Purchase Leg Pulley system for Total Gym Commercial Models here. For Total Gym XLS, shop here.

* Hip Abduction

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