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Total Gym Weekly Workout: Core Control

Today’s exercise is a great example of how the Total Gym can make a very difficult Pilates exercise doable for even a novice!

This is an advanced Pilates exercise called Jack Knife.  It was designed to be executed on a flat surface, but by using the incline of the Total Gym, it reduces the difficulty.

Although it is a nice neck stretch for most, if you have any neck “issues”, do not try it!


The 2012 PGA season is rockin’ with four come from behind victories.  The Master’s is around the corner so stay tuned for more golf game enhancing exercises this spring!

Hit em’ Straight!

JayDee Cutting is a GRAVITY Master Trainer, certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and creator of the “Core Golf Fitness” program. JayDee’s Core Golf Fitness DVD offers on-course and warm-up exercises proven to help advance your golf game and is available for purchase at

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