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Total Gym Weekly Workout: The Ultimate Backside Express Workout


Get Out of Your Workout Rut and Start to Move Your Butt!

Workouts should be interesting, challenging, goal achieving, and most importantly fun!

So often, the “fun” is not so fun and then your workouts begin to suffer.  As a trainer, I see how working out can be put as a last priority – you start to find ‘other’ things to do with your time, whether it is running errands, taking the kids to their activities or just sitting around. It usually boils down to lack of motivation or not knowing the right exercises to perform.

Total Gym Master Trainer Maria Sollon Scally, MS, CSCS has created an express workout using the Total Gym that will help get you out of the rut… and up off your butt.

This simple, yet challenging workout will have your entire body shaped up in no time!


  • Perform each exercise 10-15x’s
  • Work with full range of motion through each move
  • Be sure to keep the core tight/active and breathe efficiently through each exercise
  • Repeat the circuit as may times as desired or as time permits


INCLINE 1-2 (just glide board)

  • Reverse lunge & twist
  • Lunge runners
  • Inverted plank, knee tucks/ pikes

CHANGE INCLINE 4-5 (depending on strength level

  • Cable leg sweeps
  • Cable leg kickbacks

CHANGE INCLINE 3-4 (depending on strength level)

Face tower

  • Kneeling surfer
  • Kneeling high rows
  • Kneeling triceps extensions

REMOVE Cable & Put Foot Holder Up

  • Hamstring Curls
  • Decline Crunch with MedBall Twist
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