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TOTAL GYM WEEKLY WORKOUT: Stretching & strengthening of the Core and More


Like most sports, in golf, a strong core is essential. It helps you attain a good golf swing with distance and power while also preventing injury.

But what exactly does “core” mean? The “core” is more than just tight abdominals – The glutes, the upper and lower back muscles, the psoas muscle of the hips – all of these muscles make up the “core” and help stabilize your body so that you can perform better with less pain and injury.

Having a strong core affects our daily lives as well. For those sitting at a desk all day, poor postural habits can form, but with a strong core, you can fight against that.

Check out today’s combo of exercises that work to strengthen and stretch some of these “core” muscles. These moves will develop your upper and lower back as well as stretch your lower back and hamstrings for greater range of motion.

You’ll notice how this combination of exercises truly takes advantage of Total Gym’s blend of utilizing body weight, incline and GRAVITY for assistance and resistance to create a nice flow from one move to the next.

Have a super golfing summer and stay tuned for next month’s blog.

Hit em’ straight!


JayDee Cutting is a GRAVITY Master Trainer, certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and creator of the “Core Golf Fitness” program. JayDee’s Core Golf Fitness DVD offers on-course and warm-up exercises proven to help advance your golf game and is available for purchase at

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