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Hey Total Gym Insiders and my fellow golfing fanatics!

I want to talk about the importance of stretching. As I’ve mentioned before, in golf, the more flexible you are, the more range of motion you have and the more powerful your golf swing will be. But this applies to fitness in general.

Stretching will also help prevent injury, which is why you need to make sure you are incorporating a stretching regimen into your fitness routine.

This month I am demonstrating some core exercises and low back/hamstring stretches using one of my favorite Total Gym accessories: The Leg Pulley System. Not just for Pilates (this wonderful accessory also allows you to transform your Total Gym into a versatile Pilates studio apparatus), these really help to get a focused stretch on areas that are often tight or stiff.

Remember, take your time when stretching, don’t rush. Enjoy the stretch. The leg pulleys allow you to perform multiple types of stretches from static stretches to PNF stretching without a partner.  Whatever type of stretching you do, you will benefit from increased flexibility and range of motion, greater core strength and body awareness.  All great for improving your golf game or the overall health of your body!


Enjoy and Hit em’ Straight,

JayDee Cutting III


JayDee Cutting is a GRAVITY Master Trainer, certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and creator of the “Core Golf Fitness” program. JayDee’s Core Golf Fitness DVD offers on-course and warm-up exercises proven to help advance your golf game and is available for purchase at