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Total Gym Jump Trainer FAQs

Total Gym Jump Trainer FAQs

What is the Total Gym Jump Trainer?

Total Gym has been developing functional incline training equipment that has set the standard for physical rehabilitation and  athletic and sports performance since 1974.  Innovative in its design, the Total Gym Jump Trainer provides a dedicated machine for lower body strengthening through squats, squat jumps and plyometric jumping.  What is unique about the Jump Trainer is that it ensures a safe environment that allows the user to train their lower body at a percentage of their own bodyweight because they are at an incline.  As proficiency increases, the incline can be adjusted to increase the intensity and the resistance.

What is the difference between the Jump Trainer and the MVP Shuttle?

Brett Fischer, PT, ATC, CSCS, DN, Cert. ASTYM, Fischer Institute of Physical Therapy & Performance explains the differences in this video below.

Brett Fischer speaks about Jump Trainer

Jump Trainer MVP Shuttle Comparison


What are the benefits to the user?

The Jump Trainer has different benefits for different user needs:

For post-surgical recovery – The Jump Trainer allows for a faster recovery rate accommodating for a wide variety of therapeutic exercise options.  Progression can be gradual through all the phases of recovery by regulating range of lower body flexion – everything from micro-movements of the ankle, knee and hip joints to explosive plyometrics that produce both concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles. 

Returning back to sports – With the addition of variable band resistance, the Jump Trainer allows the athlete to “unload” their weight, letting them perform movements without the full force of gravity working against them while also providing the ability to create an accelerated eccentric force to improve muscle deceleration which helps strengthen and protect ligaments and joints while developing fast-twitch muscle fibers and explosive power.

Lower Body Strengthening – The Jump Trainer is efficient, effective and FUN way to work the legs performing a variety of squat movements and plyometric exercises that strengthen and tone the glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings while also burning more calories and contributing to fat loss.  Plyometric movements provide a great cardio workout.

Injury Prevention – The Jump Trainer improves vertical leap, enhances balances and agility while improving reflexes and acceleration time as well as training muscles for deceleration for injury prevention.  Eccentric contractions result in a protective adaptation in the muscles protecting them from damage.  The pneumatic brake reduces airborne height in turn reducing landing impact to protect the joints.

Patient Safety –  Because the extra-wide glideboard and the mount/dismount lock ensure users begin exercising from a safe and comfortable position, the Clinician is able to focus on the patient’s core stabilization response while improving spinal alignment. Patients can be safely transferred on or off the unit at a wheelchair transfer height of 16″.  In addition, the Slide Distance Regulator reduces the motion of the glideboard in the downward direction to prevent excessive knee flexion.

I am a Club Owner – why would my members enjoy this machine?

Accommodating all fitness levels, the Total Gym Jump Trainer is intuitive and easy to use.  Members can easily train on their own and are guided by an illustrative placard on the unit clearly showing how to perform an exercise.  The Jump Trainer  allows  members to engage all the largest muscles – the glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings with a variety of squat movements and plyometric exercises while maintaining proper form on one efficient and FUN machine! Your members will get a great strength and cardio workout and with the added option of variable band resistance (from 10-70lbs) they WILL feel the burn!

Do you have other machines like this?

Yes, the Jump Trainer is part of a 6-piece circuit called the Total Gym Elevate Circuit that bridges the gap between selectorized equipment and functional cages – meaning gym goers now have something to help them transition from one to the other.  Each unit in the Elevate Circuit can stand alone on the gym floor or be part of the circuit which is ideal solution for small group/team training or personal training.  The Elevate Circuit consists of the Core TrainerLeg TrainerRow TrainerPress Trainer, Pull-up Trainer and the Jump Trainer.

How many exercises can you do on the Jump Trainer?

The Total Gym Jump Trainer offers over 30 basic exercises, many of which can be viewed here.  4-leg stretches are particularly good on the Jump Trainer.

What is the user weight capacity for the Jump Trainer?

The maximum user weight on the Jump Trainer is 400 lbs.

Jump Trainer Parts Identifier

I am a Physical Therapist.  Does the Jump Trainer have any other tools to help me progress my patients more quickly?

Yes.  The Total Gym Jump Trainer is designed to follow the anatomic curve of the hip to foot ratio, the large curved squat stand ensures that when the knee is extended the ankle is approximately at 90 degrees irrespective of where the foot lands so there is less planar flexion when landing.

In addition, the  pneumatic reduces airborne height to reveal a colored Jump-O-Meter (see inset above) so that progress can be tracked and lower body strength can be assessed.

What installation setting should I choose for my facility?

The Jump Trainer is available in two factory installation settings so you should decide on which before you purchase, as it is not easy to change the settings afterwards, although not impossible.  There are seven incline adjustments on each both installation settings. 

  • Physical Therapy Setting: 30% of a user’s own bodyweight up to 65%
  • Fitness Setting: 50% of a user’s own bodyweight up to 80%

Here is a snapshot taken from page 13 of the Jump Trainer Owner’s Guide, showing the different resistance percentages of bodyweight for each of the settings.

Jump Trainer Resistance Chart

How can I stop my Jump Trainer from moving?

The Total Gym Jump Trainer must be bolted to the floor or it will move. Please refer to page 11 of your Jump Trainer Owner’s Guide for instructions on how to bolt it down. NOTE: Installation must be carried out by a professional installer. The Jump Trainer Owner’s Guide can also be downloaded here.

How do I care for the Jump Trainer?

With periodic cleaning and maintenance, the moving parts and rolling surfaces will maintain their smooth function.   Simply wipe down padded surfaces after use with an antibacterial cleanser.  Check all surfaces areas for aesthetics weekly and monthly perform a deeper inspection of rollers, rails, stoppers and screws.  Do not use lubricants or silicone based products on the rails or wheels.  Do not use Armor All or like substances as this will make the glideboard very slippery.

How much room does the Jump Trainer take up?
The Total Gym Jump Trainer takes up 22 square feet of floor space and weights 230 lbs.

If you would like for a Total Gym representative to contact you regarding the Jump Trainer please click here.

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