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10 Minute Total Gym HIIT Workout

Total Gym HIIT Workout

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Quick Total Gym HIIT Workout That Will Get Your Clients Huffin’ and Puffin’

As a fitness professional, even if you have not done HIIT yourself or implemented this type of exercise programming for your clients, then I’m sure that you have at least heard of it and know that it has become one of the most popular workout programs in the world.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an effective training technique in which you give maximum effort through fast, quick, and intense bursts of different exercises followed by a short and/or active recovery period. The reason that this type of training has become so trendy is, because it works and gets you great results by keeping your heart rate up and efficiently burning more fat. With its fast paced movements and very little breaks, the HIIT phenomenon simply delivers. It is a great program to implement into your own client program.   And it’s easily customized to fit any client fitness level.

Did you know that HIIT is so versatile that it can be used with a combination of exercises and equipment like your Total Gym GTS?  In fact, here is a sample workout program for you to prescribe to your clients immediately. I bet that after this HIIT workout on the GTS, their heart rates will read higher than a credit card bill during the Christmas holiday. Trust me!

Have your clients try the following 10 minute HIIT workout program for a total of:

  • 2 rounds and 40 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest

and don’t forget to challenge them in each workout to increase their reps each time.

Total Gym Incline Push UpsIncline Push-Ups: (using Squat Stand)

Stand facing the squat stand and place hands on the top edge, slightly wider than shoulder width. Position feet about 3 or 4 foot away from the squat stand with arms and body straight. Standing on the balls of your feet, lower yourself down in a slow and controlled manner. Push your body up until arms are extended to complete the first rep.

Dips: (using Squat Stand)

Position the rails at the highest position and then facing away from the squat stand, place your hands on the top edge, shoulder-width apart. Edge your feet out in front of you and straighten your arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows to keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle. Be sure to keep your back close to the foot platform. Once you reach the bottom of the movement, press down into the bench to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position. This completes one rep. Keep your shoulders down as you lower and raise your body. Please note that you can slightly bend your legs to modify this exercise.

Total Gym Leg RaisesLeg Raises:

Lay down on the glideboard making sure that your head supported – you may have to scoot your butt down a little.  With your arms fully extended above your head to grab onto the LAT Bars with your hands facing one another. With your arms fully extended and your body stretched out, begin to lift your legs up simultaneously as high as you can to form the letter “L” out of your body, then slowly lower them back down. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep, then repeat the movement.

One Legged Sitting SquatOne-Legged Sitting Squat Jump:

Sit upright with your butt as close as possible to the bottom of the glideboard. With one foot on the squat stand and the other leg resting at the side,  squat on the one leg by going down slowly until you feel engagement in the quadriceps region of your leg, then press to lift your body back up to complete the rep. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep, then swiftly switch legs and perform the same movement on this side. Alternate the movement back and forth between both legs.

Total Gym PikePike: (on glideboard)

Please note that you must supervise this carefully as the glideboard is very unstable.

Place both hands on the squat stand and straddle the glideboard.  While still holding the squat stand get on to your knees and then up onto your feet. On your toes with your heels in the air push away from the squat stand to make an upside down “V”  and come back to the starting position. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and then you repeat the exercise to complete the set.

So there you have it, a calorie crushing 10 minute HIIT workout to help your clients elevate their fitness level. Have your client perform this workout routine 3 days per week for the next 4 weeks and be sure to remind them to combine this workout program with a balanced nutrition regimen, adequate sleep, and lots of water to create optimal levels of health and fitness for themselves.

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Mike Z. RobinsonMike Z. Robinson is the owner of the highly successful personal training facility, MZR Fitness as well as Mike Z. Robinson Enterprises which features & highlights a myriad of options to help fitness professionals grow their businesses and careers. Mike was the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, is the author of the E-Book: “Fitness Up, Everything Up”, and he is also a Media Spokesperson for both the American Council on Exercise & IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

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