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Total Gym Weekly Workout – Total Gym Maintenance

Thanks for checking in this Monday morning!  This week I wanted to review some simple steps to keep your Total Gym in tip top shape.

If you are looking for more exercise tips, check out the Total Gym You Tube channel or we’ll be back next week with more great exercises.


Total Gym Weekly Workout – Overhead Press

This week Tom demonstrates the Overhead Press to work your shoulders, triceps and upper back with the “Wing” accessory.  You may know, Total Gym has several accessories available to perform different exercises.  Most accessories are ideal for multiple exercises*.

We love to hear from you! Is there an accessory you use with your Total Gym that you can’t live without?  Or maybe an exercise that we can have Tom demonstrate for you?  Tell us about it…

*Accessories are model specific so check your Total Gym model number before ordering new items.


Total Gym Weekly Workout – Fun at the Park

What a great way to spend your Labor Day holiday… at the Park!  This week I asked Nicole to mix things up with some options to help keep your workout fresh.   Follow Nicole through her full body Total Gym workout that includes great cardio options.   What’s at your neighborhood park that you incorporate into your workouts?

GRAVITYPick_Fun At the Park


Total Gym Weekly Workout – Torso Combo

Today Tom describes a Torso Combo developed by our talented GRAVITY MasterTrainers.  Build upper body strength with with this Torso Combination that includes a trunk rotation for core strength, move into a chest fly and finally a bicep curl.  Change position on the glide board to build a workout that meets your needs.

These and more great workouts ideas can be found at  Membership is free and it’s a great way to keep your Total Gym workout fresh. See you there!

Have suggestions for a workout you’d like Tom to perform? Let us know in the comments box on this blog post.


Total Gym Weekly Workout – Hip and Glute Workout – Lunge Sequence

What’s your favorite Total Gym exercise?  We like them all!  And we love to hear from you about what keeps you motivated to reach your goals, or maintain your fitness.

This week we are focused on a Hip, Thigh and Glute Workout in a great Lunge Sequence.  With just a few position changes you can reach these large muscle groups for a lower body workout.  If you feel good, add in some upper body rotation to incorporate your core.  Thanks for stopping by and check back next Monday for more great exercise videos!


Total Gym Weekly Workout – Biceps Sequence

Happy Monday! Tom is out today at the Can-Fit-Pro convention and tradeshow in Toronto, Canada. He’ll be showcasing our GRAVITY workout on Total Gym – along with our Canadian distribution team – to over 10,000 attendees at the commercial fitness show.

Great arms requires hard work – sorry there’s no easy answer here! These biceps exercises on Total Gym are dynamic and challenging enough to see results … but they are also fun! Keep your elbows high and stabilize through the core to stay upright throughout every exercise. Look for progressions like static equilibrium exercises and supine bicep curls.


Total Gym Weekly Workout – Postnatal Exercise

Today’s weekly workout video speaks to the new moms who might need a little motivation to get back into a regular and safe exercise routine post-baby. Please consult your doctor and/or a certified fitness professional before getting back into exercise. There are safety concerns for new moms, especially those who had a cesarean section.

GRAVITY Master Trainer and certified fitness professional Tricia Alker is a new mom herself and she takes you through a series of beginning to advanced postnatal exercises. In this video, Tricia focuses on building strength in the upper body first considering that’s where you are constantly carrying heavy loads including baby, diaper bags and more.

For the men out there, you can do these upper body exercises as well. Just increase the resistance by going up a few levels!

Be sure to check out more GRAVITY on Total Gym exercises at It’s free to register and access this video and more programming and online extras.
GRAVITYPick_My Postnatal Workout

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