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The interesting thing about PAIN is that you learn to live with it.

For the past five years or so, I have been experiencing extreme pain in my left ankle. This goes back to my motor cycle accident when I was 16 and broke the left leg. I am sure the setting style back then in 1965 was not a technical as today.  The miss alignment I am sure has caused the issue over the years.

But for years the only potential solution was FUSION, which was just not an option for someone like me that likes to remain active. I knew from our involvement in the physical rehabilitation market that the ankle replacement was coming, so I just delayed and put up with the pain — which believe me — is no way to live.

Now, for the first time in years, I am finally PAIN FREE. Although I do not have full ankle mobility yet, my range of motion and strength are improving everyday and once the surgical wound heals and I can officially begin my ankle rehab – it’ll be back to action.




Yes off crutch’s and walking,  this wound healing take’s time , one more week and then real rehab!!



Hollywood’s premier fitness expert, Dan Isaacson, has been a leader in the health and fitness field for over 25 years. His vision and creative entrepreneurship has helped establish, promote and expand the health and fitness industry.

In his role as a celebrity trainer, Dan has taken the Total Gym “on-set” to help shape the likes of John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Laurence Fishburne and many more, for various movie roles.

Hear what Dan has to say about his experience with Total Gym:



“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”

- Abraham Lincoln



One step forward, two steps back…. 

It has seemed to be a pattern.  Every time I would start rehabbing my ankle, the small wound at the top of the surgical opening would fire up, landing me in the hospital once again.

Unsure why the wound was not healing properly, a wound specialist was called in. Turns out a deep hidden suture he skillfully removed could be to blame!!!

Since then, the progress has been amazing and my most recent report was very positive!

Hopefully only one or two more weeks on crutches – just in time to take leisurely strolls along the beach (sans crutches) during our trip to Hawaii!



When I tell people I had a total ankle replacement, the first reaction is, “I didn’t know they did that.” Knees and Hips are common, but ankles – that’s new!

After a motor cycle accident when I was 16, a broken leg that was just set with traction and a cast, (now steel pins would have made the alignment perfect) and all the sports, plyometrics and heavy weight lifting I’ve done, my left ankle had had enough! It was gone.

Four years ago the doctors said just get it fused, but I wanted full mobility – I am an active guy after all. So, I figured, why not an ankle joint replacement? However, ankle joint replacements were then very new and did not have a lot of success.

Pre-op. Getting ready to go into surgery.

After doing the research I found the STAR system out of Scandinavia, (Scandinavia Total Ankle Replacement). Although the medical technology had been used for over 25 years in Scandinavia, the STAR took nine years to receive FDA approval for use in the US, finally getting the go-ahead in 2009. I found Dr. Clanton at the Steadman Clinic in Vail Colorado, he was one of the doctors who took the STAR system through the FDA process.

Off Joy and I went to Vail on May 12th for my ankle replacement surgery on the 17th. The results were instant and awesome, that is until I got an infection in the surgical wound.

So it was back to surgery (twice) to clean it out. Fortunately, the infection was not in the joint, (if it had been they would have had to take the replacement hardware out!), so this was only a two week set back.

Now, nine weeks “post-op”, I’m onto rehab (yes on the Total Gym), and my physical therapist says it’s looking really good. And while I won’t be running, jumping, biking, snowboarding, or playing golf any time soon, I’m walking with no pain and no limp (be it at a slow pace).


Inspired Stories From Total Gym Users

Did you know May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month?

To honor this celebration and to help  promote awareness of the value of physical activity and healthy eating habits in the pursuit of a happier, healthier lifestyle we’re recognizing YOU - our Total Gym users.

We encourage you to share your personal stories of success with us in the hope that you will help inspire others to follow your example and make physical activity a part of their daily life as well.

Our first success story come by way of Total Gym fitness guru and blogger, Amanda Lynn Mayhew-Hare, who shared the following Total Gym user testimonial:


I wanted to write you a quick letter to let you know how you have inspired me to get back into fitness and take back my health. A very good friend of mine began her fitness journey last year and introduced me to your website and blog and I was immediately hooked!! I must say that you are one dedicated and very inspiring woman!! It wasn’t long afterwards that I became aware of your love of the total gym, and how you incorporate it into your daily fitness routine. I had purchased a total gym years ago….many years ago in fact. I believe it was the original, or one of the earliest versions anyway, it was the total gym 1000. You inspired me to dig mine out of storage and I began using it again everyday and loving it again the way I once did!! Quickly I learned that there were newer versions of this wonderful machine as I had seen on your website, and I found myself ordering the total gym XLS. Lets just say I LOVE IT!! I recieved all of the attachments that come with this machine and love everyone of them…..I am completely hooked and use it every single day!! I haven’t felt this good in a very long time!! I was injured quite badly 11 years ago in a car accident and fractured my spine and had a long recovery process and developed chronic back pain and found it difficult to workout. This machine is fantastic in the sense that it is so easy on my body, fluid in the motions, along with the stretching of the muscles you are working, it is very easy and pain-free for me to workout and get in shape. I cannot thank you enough Amanda, for your inspiration and ongoing support and encouragement. You have helped to bring fitness and health back into my life and for that I am so very grateful!! You have lit the fire in me once again and you can be sure I will keep it burning thanks to the total gym!! Thanks so much,and take care….Melissa.

Congratulations to Melissa! We here at Total Gym are proud of you! Keep up the good work!



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