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Total Gym + Friends = GRAVITY®

GRAVITY is Total Gym with friends. It’s how personal trainers and physical therapists help their clients get in the best shape of their lives. Best of all, GRAVITY is right around the corner at more than 1,000 local health clubs and wellness centers around the world.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Total Gym workout might be like with a trained Gravity4.yellowonwhiteprofessional to guide you, then consider finding GRAVITY at your local health club. GRAVITY utilizes the sturdy and versatile commercial-grade Total Gym GTS®, which is also a popular unit for the serious home exerciser.

Thousands of fitness-conscious people have already benefited from the multi-disciplinary focus of the GRAVITY Program:

GRAVITYGroup® is a 30-minute full body instructor-guided group workout that produces incredible physical results—results you can see and feel right away. With 8 to 20 people in a session, it’s a fun and social way to enjoy the many benefits of Total Gym at your local health club. Watch this video to learn more.

GRAVITYPersonalTraining® enables certified personal trainers to offer one-on-one or multi-client sessions focused on each client’s personal fitness goals. Multi-client sessions are an affordable way to reach optimal health with the experienced hand of a GRAVITY Personal Trainer guiding you. You can train in the privacy of your home or with friends at your local fitness facility. Watch this video to learn more.

GRAVITYPilates® blends traditional Pilates mat and reformer repertoires and adds new and evolved exercises that are specific to Total Gym. The technology provided by Total Gym allows participants to achieve advanced exercises at earlier stages in their training. Watch this video to learn more.

Interested in updating your routine with new and fresh workouts or getting a new start on your program?  Try GRAVITY! Start by asking your local gym if they have GRAVITY. If they don’t yet, ask them to contact us at 800.541.4900, extension 214.

To use our handy location tool to find a GRAVITY facility near you please click here.

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