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A little Monday motivation…

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.”

-       Pat Riely



Check out the golf swing on this lil’ girl….

That’s Alana Kutt, the 7-year-old future LPGA superstar and our very own, Consumer Sales Specialist, Matt Kutt’s little daughter showing off her very professional looking golf swing.

Help her win the  Little Linksters “Best Pee Wee Golf Swing” contest by liking her YouTube video below.


In order to win, Alana’s video needs to get as many “Likes” & Views as possible. So feel free to share this link with all of your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!



A a global company, we work closely with a number of international distributors to deliver our world-class products and services to home consumers, commercial fitness professionals and health & wellness practitioners. It is our mission to ensure that everyone who we work with receives the highest level of service  and individual attention possible, not only from us but from our carefully selected team of distributors.

So we had to share this truly wonderful testimonial given to our Canadian dealer, STAK Fitness.

Thank you STAK Fitness, for continuing to provide the level of excellence we ourselves strive for everyday!

I want to let you know that I am impressed with the customer service and professionalism of everyone at Stak Fitness and Total Gym. It’s on rare occasion these days that businesses even care about customer satisfaction, never mind deliver on it, and it is rare to find businesses that are run with integrity and values. I have been very pleased with every aspect of my dealings with Stak Fitness and Total Gym since my first inquiries beginning in 2009 with Bonnie Lee, to meeting Roz in Toronto last summer, with Helen for the GRAVITY training and with you for setting up the training and for your assistance. The information on theTotal Gym website, the marketing help and materials, the GRAVITY DVD’s, instructor training videos on the website and even the GRAVITY training manual have all contributed immensely in making my addition of the Total Gyms a positive and rewarding experience.

 I can’t thank all of you enough for that!

Thanks again.

 Judy Cooper

MetaFitness & Wellness Center



According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology and the University of Scranton, the top 5 resolutions made on January 1, 2012 were:

1. Losing weight

2. Getting organized

3. Spending less and saving more

4. Enjoying life to the fullest

5. Staying fit and healthy 

With an overwhelming 38,200,000 Google hits for “Top New Year’s resolutions for 2013,”it seems Americans still want the same things in the coming year – they just don’t quite know how to achieve them – which explains why there are also 21,800,000 hits for “Making New Year’s resolutions stick”?

But why?  What’s so hard about making a resolution and seeing it through?

Research shows that 45% of Americans regularly make a resolution, while 17% will make one once in a while.  Of this population, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their goal, leaving 90% who just don’t follow through.

A search on Google turns up the following “tips” to make your New Year’s fitness resolutions stick:

• Ask for support; have an accountability buddy

• Make a plan, be specific, start small and track of your progress

• Change one behavior at a time

• Get out of your own way by throwing out the junk food

• Don’t beat yourself up over inevitable relapses and setbacks; prepare for them

• Make incremental goals

• Put it in writing or talk about it

The fact is, sticking to a resolution is hard. That’s why there are 21,800,000 hits on Google dolling out advice on how to do it.  But if it were just as easy as stating your goals, making a plan and asking for help, we’d all be thinner, more organized, have more in our bank accounts, enjoy life more and be fitter and healthier.  And the “Top New Year’s resolutions” each year would be different.

So maybe it’s not the advice. Maybe it’s us humans …

(note of interest: there are 835,000 Google hits on “why New Year’s resolutions fail.”)

Let’s face it, humans are imperfect and are filled with many reasons why we don’t follow what seems like perfectly good advice. 

So here’s a suggestion, DO NOT MAKE A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION. At least not until February 14, 2013.

Then make just one resolution to yourself:

“This year, I will love myself, find the best in myself, focus on what I can do and what I am achieving, and be my biggest cheerleader. My mind will be focused on asking myself what can go right for me regardless of what’s in front of me.”

It’s the one resolution you need for all others to have any chance for success—high self-regard, high self-worth, high self-efficacy.


So, there you have it. While everyone else’s resolutions will have likely faded by February 14, 2013, you will just be moving into high gear, leaving everyone wondering what your secret is.


Follow Dr. Mantell on Twitter @FitnessPsych

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., earned his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania after completing his M.S. degree in clinical psychology at Hahnemnann Medical College where he wrote his thesis on the psychological aspects of obesity. He coaches world-class athletes and fitness enthusaists for performance enhancement. He is Senior Consultant for Behavioral Sciences for ACE, on the faculty of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute, a national Community Ambassador for Experience Life Magazine’s health initiative and for FitFluentials, appears weekly on San Diego’s CW channel 6, is a consultant to Les Mills International, writes for IHRSA, is a member of the Sports Medicine Team at the Sporting Club of San Diego and the La Jolla Sports Club specializing in fitness psychology, writes the “San Diego Fitness Psychology” column and “San Diego Life Coach Examiner.” He is also a writer and consultant to the Total Gym company. Dr. Mantell has written two best-selling books and appears regularly on radio and TV.




It’s the final countdown to 2013, so for those who plan on making “Fitness,” their New Year’s resolution, why not start today — all you need is 5 – 10 minutes on your Total Gym!

Total Gym GRAVITY Master Trainer, JayDee Cutting takes you through a challenging superset for your chest and abs. Don’t worry about reps, just concentrate on form taking take each movement to fatigue.





JayDee Cutting is a GRAVITY Master Trainer, certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and creator of the “Core Golf Fitness” program. JayDee’s Core Golf Fitness DVD offers on-course and warm-up exercises proven to help advance your golf game and is available for purchase at



Every year around the holiday season, I read articles about the best ways to fight holiday weight gain. They all have tips about eating before you go, bringing a healthy dish to share or making exercise a priority. These are all great tips! In fact, I recommend them.

However, this year I want you to try something a little different. Instead of focusing on all of the stuff you shouldn’t have, go back for seconds! Let me explain…

Typically at holiday dinners, we build one enormous plate of food. It is piled high in a way that defies gravity and, if broken apart, could most likely feed a family of four. Then we sit down and eat the whole thing. Regardless of whether we like it or are even still hungry, we eat every last bite simply because it’s there. You can blame the clean plate club, or starving children in [insert country], or the belief that starting tomorrow we may never see turkey and mashed potatoes again. Whatever the reason, the end result is eating until we are sick and starting the New Year feeling bloated and disappointed.

This year, I want you to grab a very small amount of everything during the first go-around. It may seem silly or look funny in comparison to the leaning tower of latkes on your family member’s plate, but don’t worry! This isn’t the end of your meal. After you finish that plate, go back for seconds and grab your absolute favorites. When you are done, if you are still hungry, go back for thirds. You can go back as many times as you would like as long as you are still legitimately hungry.

What you will find is that, even with all the trips, you end up eating less than you would have with one giant plate. You also give your body a little time to register that it’s full so you don’t finish your delicious meal with antacids.

So, at that next big holiday feast, don’t be afraid of seconds – plan for them. This simple step will allow you to enjoy every bit of the holidays without spending the first quarter of 2013 making up for it.

And remember, a few small steps can lead to big changes.

Tara Coleman is a Clinical Nutritionist and Salada Tea Spokesperson living in San Diego, CA. She blogs twice a month with “Tara’s Friday Bite.” Leave your comments with ideas for future topics or email Tara directly at



The Holidays seem to come and pass so quickly each year- so why not commit to a ‘quick’ training routine that focuses on a fast paced, short circuit that maximizes the muscles used in minimal time!

Plus- by doing this type of workout, you can blast away any extra calories you want  melted off!




• Keep the workout tight by only performing exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. Combination moves on your Total Gym are an excellent way to do this.

• Plan to work out first thing when you wake up so you don’t get preoccupied with everything else going on in your day.

• Boredom can undermine your best intentions, so try switching things up and focus on a different area of your body each day — adding variety not only helps renew motivation but broadens your physical abilities as well.


Maria Sollon Scally MS, CSCS holds a Masters Degree in Performance Enhancement/ Injury Prevention and Kinesiology.  She has obtained numerous certifications in various areas of fitness and is a national fitness conference presenter. Maria specializes in Pilates, Performance Coaching, and Corrective Exercise Techniques. She is a Master Trainer for Total Gym, Resist-a-Ball, Body Blade, and MVe Peak Pilates.  Maria teaches traditional and progressive fitness classes throughout Southeast Florida.  She has also added her own brand of classes suited for her more advanced training clients.  Maria is also active in free lance writing for Fitness accredited magazines.

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